Conditions at Javitz Center

4k candidates, 12 total toilets outside exam room, cold dungeon basement, cheap/wobbly folding leg tables, plastic folding chairs, no security for your belongings… An utter embarssment really… Has prometric not solved these problems with real standardized controlled testing centers? Are there not 10k of these in Manhattan? Other than that everything was fine.

Sounds like a typical exam setting.

4000 candidates? It dropped my jaw. Mine had only 170 candidates.

A friend in the Uk told me there were about 5k candidates at his test center. My friend’s sister in Singapore estimated about 10k candidates in two full halls with a huge number of proctors :)). She said section letters ranged from single letters (i.e A, B…) to double letter (AA…) and hers was GC :)). She cannot believe there were only 10 proctors at mine :))

5k for level one? That’s a lot. Toronto has approx 7k writing 3 levels in june.

In the UK there was about 4k to 5k people. The exam was held at the same time than the ACCA in the Excel Centre (it is big enough to put 6 football pitches on the roof of the building and it stretches between 2 train stations).

Chairs were so uncomfortable that my back was hurting the next day.

I hear ya… I have a torn L5-S1. Had to get up and strech/walk every hour. Couldnt move the next day.