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=== At the begining of CFA L1 exam, the proctors instruct the candidate to clear the memory of their calculators. Charles Rogers does not clear the memory because it contains some formulas that he may need during the test. However, by the end of the testing period, he does not use any of the formulas in the memory. Did Rogers violate the standards? A) No, because he did not use the formulas in the memory during the test B) No, because the formulas are given to the candidates in the test booklet C) Yes, because he compromised the exam’s security measures D) Yes, because he used a calculator that could hold formulas in its memory



Um… I did not know my calculator could store a formula ? I would have guessed D, but that would make this a crap question. So what is the correct answer?

Answer is C, I got that right, but was mighty confused between C & D. I didn’t realize how this would compromise the “security”. On the other hand I knew there was a violation so A & B were out.

C. Yea, its quite a crap question… D is out because having specificed only the two models, CFA institute is already quite sure that these calulators cannot store fomulas.

^ delhi, u should have nailed the BSAS exam?

I did better than I thought I was doing when I was taking the test (83%, 78%), but econ & quant were really easy…even by my standards and those are my 2 weakest areas. FSA & Asset Val were tough, but I feel comfortable on those concepts. Ethics was a peice of cake…very basic. I am expecting a killer Econ section in Dec and ethics is bound to be tougher than this one…so I am not reading too much into it.

man, yov’e got amazing scores… yea, I kinda have the same hunch, Parkin’s gonna keep farting in exam hall till we all fall unconscious. Econ was the underdog then… it will be an underdog in Dec.