Confidence Booster

…just kidding that would be way to hard… I just wanted to make a post, because like all of you here I have been slaving over this sh*t for months now and am kind of relieved that the test is next Saturday (a bit counter-intuitive). I just wanted to wish everyone good luck and mostly express my gratitude for the many of you that are consistent posters in this forum. I have been a lurker for level 1 and have been trying to participate more and more for level 2, but it is really admirable the dedication that many people on here have portrayed not only to the program, but to helping the rest achieve the same goal. This is going to be a hard exam and some of us unfortunately will not pass, and although it will be hard, those of us that don’t pass WILL STILL take on this task next year and pass with flying colors, because we are a special breed. I just wanted to say that no matter what happens I truly feel that each and every one of you that has participated in the many of these topics, will have a successful life and career. May this last week bring all you guys new found knowledge and strength to kick the living sh*t out of this sucker on Saturday. I know my flow has been erratic, but I just wanted to point out my admiration and gratefulness to everyone on here. One thing that I can say is that if you don’t pass, I wish that would be the worst thing to ever happen to you in your lifetime (thats a good thing fyi). Lets f*cking kiss some ass and take some names!!!