Confidence Completely Destroyed

I have never passed any mock, samples at all three level but I passed 1 and 2 in my first try, I hope this will happen this time with me as well. The name of the game is to get your brain pick on the exam day, not before, and of course not after… This is what I posted last year to this forum…looks similar!!!,767592,767592#msg-767592

i also never passed any mock/sample exams in Level 2 and passed, i think my 406080 was LOW 60’s

I feel awful too. got a 67. made a lot of dumb mistake but also pulled a few rabbits out my but. We just have to keep plugging away at this thing and give it our best. don’t be swayed by some posters who say they got 80% or more. They are trying to throw you off to help themselves or maybe they are on their 2nd or 3rd time on this this level.