Confidence destroyer

Tried 2004 AM, oh my, so difficult!

i know - that was the worst one

where to find 2004 practice exam?

do you guys recommend doing the 2001-2004 exams or has too much changed since then?

I’d say, do it, what the hell :slight_smile: After did almost all exams available, I can almost smell what’s schweser what’s CFAI, and I’d say CFAI is harder, and may be because I used schweser, and don’t familiar with the CFAI way…

the style has changed IMO. worth a review if this is part of your final week game plan. your call.

holy crap this exam is bad …

dont worry … I just cracked open a bottle of red wine … tough study day :slight_smile:

LOL, 2 things (1) the LOSs are very different now than in 2004 (33% different from a year earlier) (2) the material was different. 2007 was the easiest exam I saw and it had the lowest pass rate, but I chock that up to us being more familiar with the material relative earlier ones.

i hope ur right JP …i;m ready to pull my hair out with this 04 exam …

I think what’s happening is that they make the exam a bit easier and straightforward, like getting rid of writing out a complete IPS with all the constraints, but rather break it down in chewable pieces. This makes grading a bit more easier and objective, however, I think they grade it harder and probably nitpick with the “guideline answer”. What would explain such poor performance on what seems to be an easier test? I looked at 2004 and it did not make me happy. I’m just hoping they are not going to come up with 2008 like this. Otherwise I’m a toast.