Confidence Level?

With around 38 days left for the exam, how confident are you all about passing out of 10. I guess I am about 6/10.

Havn’t tried the sample exams yet! Chances of passing will greatly increase over this month. Currently, 6/10

75% for now

7 out of 10 right now, starting to ramp up my efforts so I can peak by the first week of June.

Good stuff r-man. That’s an impressive score for it being this early taking exams. I took both exams, first one got a 61 (took 3 or 4 weeks ago), second (took tonight) got a 69. I feel really good though. All the questions (except for PM) I got wrong were because I overlooked certain things in the vignette not because I didn’t understand the material or question(s) being asked. Those were the only exams I’ve taken so far so I was expecting my test taking skills to be a little rusty this early on. So far though, these exams are much easier than last yr’s samples. That’s my opinion anyway. Either that, or I’m much more prepared this time around. Last yr I felt very overwhelmed and under-prepared taking those sample exams. This yr, even tho I didn’t score in the high 80’s-90’s, I felt very comfortable with the material. 30+ days to go kids, let’s kill this thing.

If 10 of me could take 10 level two exams in 10 parallel universes, I think only 3 of them would be lucky enough to get an exam they could pass. I feel good though, actually - I have now read all the material and done all the Schweser EOC problems. I’m going to try and get a review schedule hammered out and just polish up my knowledge on all the stuff I forgot as I was learning new sections. Probably be doing Qbank and CFAI EOCs from here till exam day.

Yeah I still think it’s way to far out to be asking this question

Is there a way to get the sample exams from last year?