Confidence waning (June 2012 test)...

I’m hoping somebody can relate to this…I left the June exam riding high - I felt the exam was easier than I was told to expect. Having said that, while I remember a lot of the concepts, I do NOT remember them in enough detail to take the exam, say, this weekend with nearly as much confidence as I had on June 2.

Now that I’m so far removed from the exam and studying the material, I no longer feel that I “probably” passed. Instead, I’m frightened by the thought that I failed and see it as a very real possibility. Is this a common feeling? Perhaps some lurking L2 and L3 candidates can shed some light…

Thanks in advance.

Meh it’s only a test, if you pass congrats if not retake it, not like it will hold you back from taking level 2, since you would probably pass in December anyways.

I did CFA level 1 for fun, so if I didnt pass, oh well.

Im feeling like you, I came out of the exam dancing…Felt bad about 3 questions that i guessed but was 99%sure i was going to pass. As the days passed 1% of confidence that I passed was gone, every day i could convince myself a little bit more that i had not passed. I heard this is normal and happens to everyone, hopefully on wednesday we’ll be L2 candidates and our first forum option will be the L2 section…I kinda hate this one now.

You’ll be alright man. If you were confident coming out of the test, you’re just second guessing yourself now. CFAI should really work to shorten the grading period. It’s even worse for the L3 people…

Even if you were to fail, re-learning the material for December will be much easier and you have the experience of taking the actual test under your belt, it can only help.

yea i got 2.5 weeks more. and we have to worry about handwriting problems, since half the exam is not multiple choice

@Iteracom for L3 does the grammar matter? Like for example are they Nazis with the grammar?

Double post

No, you could write bullets and sentence fragments as long as the point gets across

the only feeling that haunts me is how badly i may have done in ethics…the rest of the exam has become a faint memory though : /

I still remember the few concepts I was like !!! I knew I should’ve memorized that.

absolutely normal feeling

Less tha 18 hrs to the boom

I failed level 1 in december being in no way ready for the exam (only started EOC Qs a week before and did 2 mocks the night before) and guessing about 20 Qs on each paper. I failed it band 10 and was amazed I’d managed that.

I went into June feeling like I knew the material and the exam went better than I could have ever hoped for, finished them both with a very relaxed pace plus time to spare and only guessed 4 Qs in total. I keep thinking that there’s no way I could have improved by so much and still failed, but on the flipside they fail ~60% of candidates, what happens if June was full of hard studying geniuses??

I’m an absolute shambles right now, 2pm in the UK is horrible. Think next time I’ll take the day off and go out drinking the night before so I’m in bed with a hangover until the emails come out. I’d feel no worse than I do now…

ditto :slight_smile: except the UK part

you only guessed 4 questions in the morning exam??? i bet they were educated guesses too. The problem is for people like me who had to guess 10-15 questions in each exam :o

No, I doubt even the mighty iteracom managed to know 236 answers for sure. 4 questions were complete guesses, a lot more than that were educated guesses…

whats in it for people like me? who had to guess around 40 questions in total (AM and PM)?

Same situation here :))