Confirm my study habit?

Just want to confirm I’m studying the best way possible.

Reading Schweiser notes, then doing EOC questions on both Schweiser +CFAI.

Then I am putting notes in flashcards for things I am struggling with/formulas so I can review later.

I plan to do mock exams after I finish reviewing all chapters. Is this a good study routine? Or should/could I be doing more to learn/be more productive?


That was exactly my study routine last year. I would suggest throwing in some intermediate and advanced level Q-bank questions as well. Just be sure you’re grading yourself honestly when doing practice questions (i.e. if you guess on a question and luckily got it right, for grading purposes, mark it wrong and force yourself to understand the explanation to the answer). It’s often recommended to leave yourself at least 1 month, preferably 6 weeks, to do nothing but timed practice/mock exams and review. Good luck.

How about reading? I see a lot of people obsessing over all of the reading. It just doesn’t seem to make sense if you know the material already.