weak bro

  • 100000000000000000000000

get a rope and find a tree

^ harsh dude

i lol’d. lighten up boys

you people are all so stressed about this… relax for crying out loud… either you passed and it is great, or you failed and you have to take it over again…there are more important things to worry about than these results

Boston, I tend to agree, but out of curiosity what are the more important things that you are currently worrying about?

When people have prepared for 3+ months for an exam, I think it is a pretty important event for those people. I can see why people are stressed. These exams are a commitment. If you simply don’t care about your result, then it probably indicates that you didn’t put the time in…just saying

Can someone please ban this clown?

who is a clown, I simply stated a fact that we have been told by the kings at CFAI…if you dont like it, dont click on here…

16th is confirmed

ohai - this clown boston 21 is actually funny. he irritates others and gets irritated by others. weird.