O’NEAL CONFIRMS HE’S BEEN TRADED TO RAPTORS I like it, i really hope he stays healthy.

whoa… that’s insane.

jermaine o neal

I’m really just sad about Russia losing today :frowning:

I’m assuming this is a Basketball thread then? Willy


Basketball… turned soccer… please.

good deal for toronto…if he stays healthy

JO is done. But Raptors gave up an injury prone for another injury prone. So it is a fair deal. However, I do not see him sticking with Rap for long. Players do not like TO for some reasons. VC was the franchise, then turned into public enemy #1. The city has a great fan base. But it just doesn’t have the attraction.

What about Bosh? no dublication? They don’t need J O’neal… that being said, Rose got the first pick!

Players didn’t like TO because of the exchange rate. I remember hearing something like for every penny appreciation in the CAD equaled 600K for Vince Carter back when he was on the team. Edit: I think it was a good deal on both sides. If JO is healthy, TO created a good front court and IND was able to offload 44 mil.

Hollinger broke this deal down so well on ESPN. I am still in the Bill Simmons camp that O’neal died two years ago. He never was that motivated as a player, and I do not see Toronto exactly rejuvenating his career. The raptors had 3 more deals they could have looked but, but BC is starting to panic, especially after drafting a big lazy euro guy bench warmer. I also find it ridiculous that everyone says Toronto did great in this deal based on being able to trade an expiring contract in 2 years! Is that where the NBA has got that teams plan 2-3 years ahead to load up on crappy contracts and then unload them all? Like the Raptors have made the playoffs 2 years in a row, why are they trying to load up on “tradeable” contracts.

Almost every team is going for that quick fix to achieve a championship. It’s to much work nowadays to build a team from scratch. They feel like he is “the missing piece.” I don’t agree with it though.

I still like the trade even though like adehbone, I’m firmly in the simmons camp that JO died 2 years ago. This does however allow bosh to move over to the 4 where he belongs, put JO in the middle (while he’s healthy) and puts Bargs on the bench. Seriously, I was a huge Bargs fan, thought he was going to break out last year. Ran into him at lobby a few months ago, told him was useless…he just starred at me blankly. 'Nuff said.

you really said that? i bet you had some liquid courage.