Conflict of Interest

I know if the client is giving the CFA charterholder some reward based on the service they provide. As long as it is disclosed, this is ok. I am just wondering

  1. what if a friend (not a client) gives some expensive concert tickets to you as a gift for the investment advice you gave to them one day. You just did that for a one time basis. Does that have to be disclosed and why?

  2. If the the friend gives you cash instead of concert ticket. Will this be different from the frist situation?

  3. If you will continue to give advice to that friend on a on going basis? Will this be different from the first two cases?

  4. If the friend is really wealthy with over 20 million dollars and need help from you giving advice. Will that be different as well?

  5. If you are giving investment adice to a church as a volunteer without getting paid or receiving anything from them. Do you need to disclose that?

Any help would be much appreicated!