Conflicting objectives - losing weight and passing CFA L2


I am intending to write CFA L2 2019 and also starting program to loose weight in during the next 6 months by 20%. I will be relying more on adjusting my eating habits and lifestyle which will be gigantic task (close to passing CFA) - I have a habit of crunching and cannot survive without having anything within an hour or two. If I try to curtail food intake it will be difficult to study…i find a tradeoff in both objectives and goals…what should i do? Anyone with same challenge and achieved both targets?

I was not in the exact situation as you but I hardcore dedicated myself to a very healthy lifestyle while studying for this past level 1, and believe it or not I found the two choices to be very complimentary. Working out helped me remove the stress that came with the enormous amount of studying, and meal prepping, if that is a part of your program, saves you an incredible amount of time after work/working out, where this time is very valuable and precious. I think the big, life changing choices you are making sounds daunting at first and might be siking you out, but it is always worth giving it a shot. You may be surprised.

And, if I’m wrong and you have to choose one, you would either way be making a great choice for yourself that is going to be paying dividends in the future.

kick a habit by taking up another habit. Stop snacking and start running. Takes 3weeks to get used to but it’s definitely worth it.

My gosh you people complicate things.

This is really simple:

  • If you want to eat, study. Establish a rule: 10 calories per page read. If you want to eat 1,000 calories, you have to read 100 pages.
  • If you don’t want to work out, answer practice questions correctly. Establish a rule: 10 push-ups or 25 sit-ups or running 1 km for every practice question you answer incorrectly.

I disagree that they are conflicting objectives.

Rather, I would argue that they are complementary and conducive.

During studying, I couldn’t keep reading with empty stomach. Sometimes I rewarded myself with delicious lunch/dinner after 2-3 hours of preparation, and 30 min - 1 hour of study after the meal.

I just avoided being hungry and also exercises are very important.