confused on which material to follow

Hello everyone,

just recently signed up for the December 2012 sitting for L1. I’m confused on what i should be studying, the CFA books or use Kaplan Schweser? or both?

I apologize in advance if this has been asked, but i’m just starting out.

if someone knows of the link to this info please let me know

Thanks very much


well thats up to you. Kaplan bascially cuts the fat out of the CFAI text books. I will let u know what i have done.

I study kalpan first. It gives me an understanding of the broad concepts.

I then read CFAI text and write notes. Every single detail i think is important. Because u will see curve balls on the exam,

I then study my notes for a couples weeks.

Then last month, is all mock exams and practice questions

Good luck

Kaplan Schweser offers really good material. You may wanna look for additional resources as well. I came across a website called It hosts some free content for CFA L1 prep, so you may wanna take a look. I found the videos extremely to the point so they should benefit you. You can follow their twitter posts as well {@pathfinance}.

Harmless to try something that’s free.

Good luck.

I used schweser for Level I. Only used CFAI text for Standards part of Ethics. It really worked well for me. I would recommend Schweser notes and qbank. CFAI End of chapter questions are a must which you should do a part from mocks.