Proctor came up to me about 20 min into the PM and took my passport, which had my ticket in it, looked at my ticket, then put it down without saying a word.

This was not during their usual rounds of checking the tickets, but before.

I’m thinking since my ticket was folded inside of my passport he thought it was some scrap paper i was using to cheat.

Interested to hear thoughts

paranoia much?

they have cloned your passport and will use it to buy odd stuff (carrots, cialis, organic food) in the net.

there is a ring specialized in this sort of scam.

Relax man. Maybe they were joking about your surname or the name of your mom…

my mother is a saint

but true, probably paranoid

Maybe he had a crush on you man.

Check your facebook or linkedin account

Magic happens

My mother is not. But I am sure she uses a stage name so that no one can relate her to me.

Proctors checking passports and tickets during the exam is not unusual at all. At Level 2 I had several different proctors check my passport and ticket during the exam. It seems they just stroll up and down the aisles and check them. One even picked up my calculator and fiddled with it for a few seconds, turned it over, looked at the back, etc.

Saturday during the Level 3 exam, same thing happened. Multiple proctors checking my ticket and passport during the exam. Had a WTF moment though during the afternoon session when one proctor planted herself in front of me for a few minutes and didn’t move. I thought she was watching me particularly then I realized the guy seated at the table in front of me had left his seat - washroom or water break, I guess. Relieved when I realized that.