Confusing messages about L1 exam policies

I’ve read a few posts on this forum saying that we can take our notes with us into the exam room for L1 exam. CFAI site states otherwise. Also, CFAI site states that L1 exam takers will receive printed exam books, and return them with the answers after the exam. However some of the posts from earlier indicate that the latest version of CFA L1 is “computer adaptive” exam. I am now confused. Either the CFAI site is not correct (which I doubt) or some of the forum members are making up stuff here. So who is correct?

Wow. Thank you for the laugh.

Clearly everything posted on the forums is accurate and the official CFAI website is a joke.

Good news - You can almost always trust the CFAI website Bad news - Gullible is not a particularly good characteristic for a finance professional.

You’ve stumbled into a bit of a cross-border licensing spat. Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India sponsors a competing CFA designation in India which predates CFAI’s entry into the country, and there’s been trademark infringement lawsuits and the whole nine yards. E.g. . In response there have been apparent spoofing/hijacking assaults against the cfai web site by disgruntled aicte members, wherein they’ve been posting deliberately confusing “guidelines” about exams, prep courses, membership requirements, etc. Don’t trust the web site until the whole thing settles down, AnalystForum is your light in this storm.

lol, there’s been a lot of blood in the water at the LI forum lately. I swear this forum sometimes makes the Discovery Channel look like a petting zoo (okay, maybe an evil petting zoo).

After studying this much for one exam you begin to lose your mind.

Do you really think that in this day & age, there will be a paper pencil test?

In this digital age, how do you expect people to cut down trees for you and give you a paper-pencil test? Save Trees!! And FYI… The exam was always an online-adaptive exam. Didn’t they give you your candidate Id while registration? The same is to be used for logging into on the exam day. The password packets will be dispatched one day before the exam so that you don’t pre-take the exam.

The real question is…in this day and age…why it takes them over a month to send out scores for a multiple choice test.

you also have 3 lifelines, one of them being “Phone/contact a friend” Make sure you get Joey D’s contact details.

When I wrote level 2 last december, I accidentally brought my Level 1 formula sheet to the exam…I was so mad.

You can minimize the test window screen and can google out whatever you need but then they block access to orkut and facebook, damm!! so no socializing whilst’ at exam, and btw, only one messenger is allowed, I chose gtalk (while registration), since I already have JoeyD there and could copy-paste questions onto his IM.

Stric75 i’ll put you out of your misery… these guys are joking… I wouldn’t trust anybody but common sense and info from cfa site

I asked them to pull the shades down because my laptop screen was hard to see, but they said exam rules did not allow for shades down. darn. Dreary

Dreary testing on common sense?