Confusing Wording in Question

More than once I have been unclear what exactly the question is asking. I dunno if this is because I speak American English and the question maker may speak another form of English.

Example, page 588 of Volume 6, it asks: “Based on Exhibit 2, the market impact relating to Trade 2, on a per share basis, is closest to:”

Now to me this could mean the impact of Trade 1 on Trade 2 or the impact of Trade 2 on Trade 3. And of course the choices include the answers to both hypothetical scenarios. Why can’t the question maker be clearer and just say whether the question is about the impact of trade 1 on trade 2 or trade 2 on trade 3?

If an ambiguously worded question like this shows up on the exam, I will have to guess what the question maker means…

CFA Institute is good at writing very clear questions.

I agree. But does the Institute ever have to omit a question after an exam because the Institute found out that its wording was ambiguous? I’m not aware of such a situation, and I suspect it would be hard to find out if it ever did have to omit a question, but I thought it was worth asking.

My understanding is that if enough candidates get a question wrong (whatever enough is), they’ll review it. If they determine that it’s sufficiently ambiguous (whatever sufficiently is), they’ll remove it; i.e., give it no weight in the candidates’ scores.