Congrats- From a CFA Level 3 candiadte-Awaiting Result on 9 Aug 2016

Congrats to you all who passed L-2. Those who did’nt wud pass next year or the year after that. Had appeared for L-3 this year and our result would be declared on 9 August 2016. Could’nt wait for the result and jumped into the CFA-Level-2 forum to be a part of the celebrations commisserations (PARTY in either case)

  1. Those of you passed- Please share how are u guys celebrating?

  2. Those of you failed-Please share how are u guys celebrating?

  3. Trust me , it’s not important. You know what you are and what your potential is. If not this year, may be next year.

Studied in the last 3 months. Put in 200 hrs for CFA Level-3. Studied strategically. Tried to balance between office and family. Could’nt attempt 20% of the AM. Average performance in PM.

Whats your gut feeling? Would i scrape through? This is a random survey based on limited data provided

In case i pass CFA L-3 this year, wud share my thoughts with you all- Generic-Do’s and Don’ts [this was my 4th attempt at CFA-Level-3]. In case, i don’t , we wud be still be a part of the CFA-Level-3 next year exchanging our thoughts and experiences.

If some of u want to start right away, please respond here or at my personal id for specific Do’s and Don’ts


I think google translate failed you…

Much as i had wished for a +ve from the first response. Lets wait for 9 Aug. Thanks for the honest feedback bfry. Ha Ha

ha ha ha ha. Just messing with you. Good luck with your results on Aug 9th!

How am I celebrating: going on vacation for two weeks with nothing to worry about!

Enjoy your vacations for two weeks and thats’ exactly 9 Aug. Cheers