Congratulations MSFT now most valuable company

Fueled by rawraw and others’ Excel fees, MSFT is now the highest company by market cap. Tanks to CEO Satya Nadella and legions of outsourced IT workers who made this possible.

Oh yeah! Although I’m transitioning to Python, so maybe it’s time to short?

How do you do your quantitative work Ohai?

Pen and a pad, Buffett style! (…or Dre style if your brain automatically reads it with a rhythm)

We hire Chinese graduate students to do the math. There was even one girl, but she quit…

Anyway, what I have decided - if at all possible, do calculations in Excel. It’s faster, easier to share, easier to remember what you did, and much friendlier for using on data sets. When I first started (first 2 years or so), I wrote a lot of code, because that’s what I learned in school. Now I know it’s more efficient to just use spreadsheet.

If you cannot accomplish something without code, then do VBA first. It’s good enough for 80% of purposes that an application consumer will need. If Excel world is not fast enough, then use a real program. Apparently it is possible to run Excel functions without loading Excel too. There are some guys here who do that. I don’t know how to do it though.

Yea there is definitely advantages of Excel. I’ve resisted coding for a long time because I’ve never had a job where the benefits of programming outweighed the spreadsheets I could build; however, that has changed with my new role.

But I’ll never use VBA - I have an Excel plugin to run Python in Excel if necessary. Word on the street is Excel may add Python sooner or later as a supported language. VBA is awful

You could always switch to the superior google sheets and have it all in javascript

Oh snap! Sheets sucks bro. It takes like 5 minutes to open a single one of my models. Java would be OK but I’m all about the machine learning :sunglasses: