congratulations to all!!

First congratulations to all who passed and best of luck to all who are gonna kill it next year! Somehow I managed to enter into denial as to just how much I’ve dedicated to this process and only now, many hours after receiving my pass, is it really sinking in. I was really ready for it to go the other way, and have thought about whether I’m cut out for this industry in general. Now that I’ve cleared it I’m starting to get this really positive feeling and realizing that we’ve all made it “over the hump”. I’m not saying that level 3 is not going to be tough, just that now, I really feel like the charter is in my sights. I never really pictured it before, but now I can really see it! Anyone else getting all giddy like me??

Been on this high since i got the pass :)but it is a high with a few lows mixed in, I feel like the level 3 is well within my sights, but I do not have a finance background at all so I dont feel like the charter is within my sights. Dont know what i will do if I clear level 3, but I started the CFA because it interested me and also because I needed the intellectual challenge (got bored with the same ol same old programming stuff i was doing)