"Congratulations! You have now earned the right to use the CAIA designation."

Got my Level II pass result 2 days ago.

So I just went to caia.org and filled in the membership application, and my credit card information.

After I submitted payment, it took the CAIA Association about 1 microsecond to award me the designation.

Apparently the CAIAA doesn’t bother with silly formalities like… checking references or confirming work experience.

Top notch!

first of all, congratulations!

i appreciate this type of liberalism… as opposed to the CFAI nazis.

the 3 important questions are…

did you pass the exams?

did you pay the dues?

do you WANT the designation?

next thing you know, CFAI is asking for urine/blood/retinal scans, fingerprint cards…

I joined the club too. Went to the job board. Saw 9 jobs. Sweet!