Congressional Term Limits

Good idea or bad idea? Fire up the propaganda machines. I think this has a puncher’s chance because it hits directly on the emotional mood of the electorate.

It doesnt hit home with the wallets of the elected though, i cant see this actually happening although I would love it to.

I will say though, bchad always had a pretty good argument that it wont solve our current problem and that it will just make political parties even more powerful. It will force the dems/repubs to rotate people more, but you wont get rotated up if you wont play ball. We need to change our first past the post voting style as well to get better representation. We need more parties & more choices not more party clones

Are you suggesting we go to something like Maine?,_Question_5_(2016)

yea i think ranked choice is far superior to FPTP, our current system hurts moderates due to the primary garbage and “winning your base”. If you get to rank them, you still earn points for not being more tolerable.

No term limits but Gerrymandering should be outlawed or your district remains the same throughout your tenure.

I don’t think that addresses the same issue as term limits. Ranked choice voting would help make 3rd party voters feel like they are not throwing their votes away. Term limits are intended to reduce incumbency. Along the same lines, I have a strong preference for mixed member proportional systems ( But that works by making the system better represent the parts of society that are not as well represented (libertarians and greens). It wouldn’t fix incumbency.

Term limits are probably a good idea to reduce incumbency, though that specific plan might be a little too restrictive. I’d probably say 6 terms House of Representatives and 3 terms for Senate (instead of 3 and 2). Also, Supreme Court justices should serve something like 18 year terms.

California just had its first new congresswoman (congressperson? Yuck!) in _ 24 years _ sworn in yesterday.

That’s pathetic.


Which part?

(I got the 24 years part from the news last night. If that’s incorrect, I blame them.)

Good old Ted, always standing up for the people.

Senate limited to two consecutive 6 year terms

House increased to 4 years (at 2 they’re basically running for re-election the day after the election) limted to 3 consecutive terms. I’d love to stagger the House elections so the entire house isn’t running at the same time, but I don’t think there’s a way to do that without arbitrarily keeping 1/2 the seats at 2 years for the first cycle, which wouldn’t be fair to those districts.

Current members of Congress would be partially grandfathered in that their prior “service” wouldn’t count toward the limit, but they’d still be subject to the new limits upon re-election.

When will you take responsibility for your actions?

How about the “sit out for one term” rule?

Basically, after two (or three or four) re-elections, you make the Congressperson sit out for at least one cycle. After that, if the voters want to vote them back in, then okay. But make them sit out at least one cycle every once in a while.

I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with jumping from 1 chamber to the other after reaching the limit and back again.


Now . . . which part?

We expect a group of alligators to vote to drain the swamp?

I’m not certain term limits are a good idea, although on the surface they sound like a good idea. I am not convinced continually filling the government with people inexperienced of how it works is a good idea.

‘Too big to fail’ sort of thing?

It’s just such a large organization, with all these procedural rules, bastions of power, etc. Even my friends who work in policy on and off the hill seem to have to specialize in a given area due to all this complexity. The problems that people seem to want to fix with term limits seem like they would be fixed with knowledge of the electorate and reelections.

Does anyone know what this would be referred to in the research? I’d be curious to see the actual persistence of elected officials. But can’t seem to find the right phrasing

Term limits: Good idea.