Conover vs. Benrud - Does anyone have any information regarding either instructor?

I looked through previous threads and found very little information regarding these instructors. Has anyone had any classes with either? Would you recommend one over the other? I am trying to decide which (if any) crash course I should take. Any comments would be appreciated.

I just got back from Conover’s seminar in Philly last weekend and I would highly recommend him. He not only used the Schweser slides, but wrote his own comments on the slides and as well prepare some supplemental slides like “top 12 items to know” and analyzed the frequency of GIPS related issues on the past 7 years of exams, and also gave you some exam strategy slides. Nice guy on top of all that stuff

During the Los Angeles 3-day seminar, Benrud complained at least 10 times about the slides. Obviously he wasn’t familiar with the slides - his excuse was he didn’t write them. Blaming your collegue is so not cool, Benrud.

Benrud went off the slides too much. He was behind, so he rushed through most of the material.