Consensus on Free Sample

Hey guys, I know I haven’t used this website much recently (which bothers me because its so helpful), but I have a question to ask. What is the general consensus on the difficulty of the free sample exam? I scored a 73%, which was better than what I was expecting. Having not taken any practice exams yet, I was wondering if I should take this result with a grain of salt. Thanks

holy **** nibs, I thought you were back at L2 - glad to see you’re here! 73 is a great score, though the scores are running higher than the last two years:,964476

No, been here (sort of). I just haven’t had the time to contribute/read which kind of worries me.

I think anything over 70 is a great score. Not a difficult sample, but it was fair. If you didn’t know your stuff, you could do quite poorly. If you knew your stuff, there were only a couple of very tricky Qs.

I agree it was fair. Most people are scoring impressively, but thats likely more indicative of the caliber of people taking it here. Thanks for the quick responses.