Consequences of too much Curry

Wow… Speechless:

Shit being spewed on AF?

OMG I burst into laughter after reading this - can you possibly imagine being the guy who did it, sitting on the plan and hearng the pilot announce that his shit literally made the plane turn back…lol!

yukky. is curry that bad?

You’ve never eaten curry?


oh curry wurst I miss you

I had the shits on my flight back from India and that was awkward enough, I can’t imagine stinking the place up so badly that the plane had to turn back.

How can you not have tried curry? What’s wrong with you man?

Currywurst is top quality drunk food. beats the hell out of a donner kebab.

He’s from the Ukraine. They eat black bear meat there.

^ mate, you’ve got to try harder to conceal your dupes. At least come back to the football thread…


And pappadom’s with mint chutney for pre-drinks.

i do love donner kebab