Considering CIPM cert/ Failed Level 2 twice

I have failed level 2 twice after studying very hard for 19 months total everyday. My level 2 score using 40-60-80 was on the border as well. I’m upset about this. After going through all of this, I can’t go through with the CFA program. I have noticed that CFAI offers new certification called CIPM. I see that the certification covers many of the same materials as CFAI level 1/2- so maybe I could carry some of my knowledge over to this. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how difficult is the exam. Also, how much does study material cost (and what providers carry materials for this certification)? In case anyone is interested the link for this certification is: I look forward to your valuable feedback. Thanks!

Big sell. Why bother? That certification isn’t worth anything and the body of knowledge is just the stuff that CFAI invented (and some really easy performance reporting/attribution stuff). It doesn’t cover many of the same materials as CFA I/II; it covers a small fraction of the CFA I/II material. There is no FSA, no derivatives, no fixed income, no corporate finance, no equity analysis, minimal quant, but lots of BS ethics. And you get to pay them $200 per year. If you want to give up on CFA then do it, but there are a bunch of people here who have failed more than twice. I think you should take four months off from CFA studies, enjoy Christmas and then get back to it. We’ll be here. You already have an excellent base and you will be well-rested. You can beat this thing (especially because the pass rates are going to be really high next year).

Don’t forget that this year’s lv 2 results were especially harsh. You might be leaving right before pass rates return to normal.

Failed twice and i am in for next year when i nail it! I must have been borderline this year with 3 sections >70% including FSA

JoeyDVivre: Why do you say that the pass rates are going to be high next year? Most of the people I know din’t nail the exam in all the levels so I think this year’s sitting was either hard or the passmark was high. So could it be that pass rates alternate after every year i.e high pass rates one year then low pass rate in the following year?

I’ve posted about that before - CFAI is absolutely going to acknowledge their own wisdom in making people buy the candidate readings by making a high pass rate.

I have failed 3 x all very close each time. I know what I’m doing but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. I will do it a 4th time though…and after 2 attempts you should do it a third time I say…