Considering L2 June '16

Just passed L1:

CF, Alts, Equity, FRA, PM, Quants > 70% Derivatives, Econ, Ethics, FI 51-70%

Considering CFA level II in June - is 4 months enough to study with 3 courses at a Canadian uni which end in April + CPA classes which start full-time (approx. 6hrs/day) in May? Just giving it some thought.

Background: Double major in finance & accounting

Looks bad. Why don’t you give both projects the time they deserve? What about your family, work and social life? I thought about all of this and waited for the next year to attempt L2 (2016).


I duno, but since you ll be working in big 4, i think u better drop all your cfa and just focus on your cpa instead. cfa less relevent to the big 4 work but of course i have met people with both cfa and cpa.