Considering retaking after failing in 2015

Hi everyone,

I failed L3 in 2015. Band 10… The worst position to be in.

Instead of retaking it in 2016, I took time to find a new job and succeeded landing one in M&A.

After a few years and even though it has limited use in my job and region, I am considering retaking it. Plus I don’t like unfinished jobs.

In the mean time I got married and obviously have less time to cram through the text books.

I suppose the curriculum changed quite a bit since. Back in 2015 I used Schweser Notes, is it still the material of choice? Or shall I simply sitck to the official text books?

To test if I can dedicate so many hours studying, I am taking Finra’s SIE exam (much lighter) to see how it fits my pro and private schedules.

I failed once and my take on this is you can’t rely on Schweser alone. The blue boxes examples and the many of the exhibits on the CFAI text need to be covered.

Hi there,

So I passed FINRA’s SIE exam! It wasn’t easy in parallel to such a taxing job, but I did it.

When I said I used Schweser back in the days, I should have clarified that I also completed CFAI’s blue boxes of courses.

August 22’s window is closed so I’m considering Feb 23’s, but that time of the year is usually atrociously busy at work.