Consistent over 70% in QBank test - But Just 50% for CFAI sample 3

Hi guys, Before taking the CFAI sample 3 today, I was very confident that I would keep my performance. Many people said that CFAI sample is straightforward. For QBank I spend about 1 minute for 1 question, and here I have 2 minutes for each. But I did terribly just 50%… Although I have some problems: - must print screen for later review (a distraction) - the font is a littile bit small to me, I could not believe that low score :frowning: Could you guys let me know what I could do now in just 8 days? Thanks so much.

Bro…don’t worry too much about your score. It is most likely due to the reasons you mentioned above. Go over some of the areas you feel you need more revision on, and give it another shot. I’m sure you’ll do much better. I’ve personally found that there is a huge difference between doing it on the computer vs paper.

Thanks Kevin a lot… After a nap, I feel much better and just finished a short test with QBANK hard questions only… 80%… 1min 16 sec for each question… well have to push myself more though… Good luck everyone…