Have anyone started FSA I did Consolidations I found it to be interesting but I fell I need more practice. It seems that when you do the problem you just don’t remember anything hence going to go back one more time. How are your experiences?

do yourself a favor and sign up for john harris’s class. it’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself for fsa at level 2, in my opinion.

2nd, 3rd and 4th the John Harris recommendation. For all of the FSA you got to practice, practice, practice as well. 3X on Consolidation will not be enough. As you are preparing think of the various ways that the CFAI will try and trick you or make a consolidation, Foreign Translation, etc… more difficult. (ex. if they give you a problem stated as DC over FC for All Current or Temporal, make sure you can do it quickly and accurately with FC over DC. They may give you half DC/FC and half FC/DC. Know weird terminology associated with all the terms. They like to throw in weird language as well that you need to immediately be able to recognize and associate. Go through those iterations time and time again and you’ll be better prepared. Worth the $$$ to attend the class.

Echo GMofDen. This stuff seems easy. Even the questions on the exam would have seemed real easy if you didn’t realize the subtle tricks that were thrown in to really test your knowledge.

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