Constructed Responses - Skipping Questions and Coming Back to Them

I understand there are lined pages to write our answers on for some of the questions. Does it matter if we have our parts out of order?

For example, Question 1 has four parts, A,B, C, D. Let’s assume none of these use templates. Is it okay to answer these in any order on the lined paper? Often, I may not even know the answer (or need time to think about it), and move on to the next part. So, does it matter if these are in order of A, C, D, B?

Also, some parts have multiple sub-parts. Like, B, has parts: i, ii, iii, iv. Do these need to be in order?

My concern is that I will need to anticipate how long my answer will be before even writing it, in order to leave a bunch of blank space on the lined paper, and then just not being able to manage the space well enough. Of course, the other side of the coin would be that, if my answers are out of order, will they not even be graded?

Would it be okay to write, “please refer to the next page”?


A. Blah blah blah (my answers)

B. i) blah blah

ii) please refer to next page

iii) blah blah

D) blah

B) ii) blah


As long as you’re clear where the answer is, I cannot imagine that there’s a proscription against it.

(However, it couldn’t hurt to e-mail CFA Institute to ask them directly: horse’s mouth and all that.)