consulting experience ok for CFA charter?

If I work as a consultant for a investment firm for 48 months is that ok for CFA charter?

any one can help?

dude, you want an answer in less than 15 minutes? Patience my friend patience. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

IT consulting no but managament consulting yes.

I mean, as a consultant, but still investment related work. just no insurance, no benefit


Investment consulting counts. It worked for me. (I should add that it does depend on what you do for the consulting firm - obviously the IT network guy and the receptionist wouldn’t count, although if you are designing software and using CFA-type material to do the design, that would).

so even if you are not employee, it still counts, right?

^ bchadwick - I work as an IT Consultant (3.5 years in NYC) designing Wealth Managment Reporting, Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation and Trade reconciliation softwares. Does this count? - Any insights appreciated!

I’m not the CFAI, but if you can tie what you do to the curriculum (and mention which parts of the curriculum you need to use in your work), that increases the acceptability considerably. So Asset Allocation and maybe performance attribution would be fairly applicable stuff, I’d say. Not so sure about trade reconciliation, though.

Thanks BChad, Going with a 0/48 score and it only goes up from here.