Consulting headhunters

Anyone know any consulting headhunters? I’m flexible with moving but ones specifically in the Toronto area would be appreciated as well. I’m doing the google-search thing, just wondering if anyone knew any firms off the top of their head.

I’d be curious as well, but my sense is that most consulting firms or corporate strategy divisions don’t hire people through headhunters the way finance jobs are. Might want to just tap into your alumni network or LinkedIn and hope something works out that way. That’s what I’d do.

Yeah, that’s my plan. I just haven’t heard anything about consulting headhunters but I didn’t want to assume that they don’t exist for high-quality firms; although it’s looking that way.

The big firms don’t go through headhunters, from what I know. I have an interview for a pre-MBA opportunity at one of the big three and that came through an alumnus…