Consumer Credit Risk

Hi guys,

I have recently been offered an analyst position in consumer credit risk dept. (covering retail side and SME loans). This role heavily relies on SQL, Excel and some STATA modelling, scorecard development etc (bulge bracket bank). I am aiming to pursue CFA exams at my spare time as well. Is this a good role to jump-start career in financial industry?

What are the possible pros and cons?

Thank you all for your comments!

Bump anyone?

What do you mean by “role in financial industry”

It’s a good gig for some future jobs. Not relevant for others

Hi rawraw,

What future jobs you would have in mind when saying good gig? It would be great to hear some opinions/where it may lead to in the future…


I think you need to first decide where you want to end up, or at least have some kind of idea…

Credit risk department might be the most sophisticated one in a finance company. So, you will gain a lot of experience.

Statistical models give a lot of added value to the business. Predictive analytics is becaming more and more important.

You can check how to build and use such models here

So it’s a great job offer.

My first job was analyzing a portfolio of subprime loans. It was kinda interesting; get experience with Excel, modeling, charting, and having your analyses ignored.

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