Contacting AF members directly - Has this been disabled?

I’ve just tried to message an AF member directly but the functionality seems to have disappeared. Has this functionality been removed?

Either that or I’m blind or something.

^ You wouldn’t have gone blind if you had tried to contact that AF member directly BEFORE you stalked her on facebook and went through her pictures.

I picked the wrong site to stalk women on if that was the case!


Seriously, why has this feature been disabled?

Who’s in charge of this joint? Chad.Standsted, bchad, BlackSwan? Anybody listening?

I’m not exactly sure CleverCFA. I dropped Bchad a PM to see if he noticed anything, he said it’s possible that Chad just doesn’t like you.

Also, I did look and did not see any links to PM, so I’m guessing they may have been disabled. However, you may still be going blind. You should look into that separately.

I am blind then as well cool

Yes, I also vote for reinstating contacting. How else can we contact the few HCBs who accidentally wander here?

one thing that I didn’t like about that PM’s was that they used your emails rather than masking emails ebay style. Also, I was just thinking how cool a public chat could be under eachmain forum. But then you would lose the public history.


Agreed, but I’m willing to take my chances. If you’re really worried about revealing your identity, you can always set up a address or something to use to respond. But we need to be able to PM each other. I don’t use the PM functionality a lot, but I do use it and it is valuable. I’m in direct contact with a few AF members only thanks to this functionality.

The problem with having an ebay style email is that it would presumably mean having to host some sort of email service on this site. This would probably overcomplicate things for whoever manages this site (does Chad do this btw?).

The only thing I can think of that might have caused this functonality to disappear is if somehow spambots or whatnots had been able to tap in to the PM functionality and started spamming members.

Who makes site changes to this forum who would be able to explain changes going on?

chad.sandstedt runs the forum. You can probably just drop him a PM.

that’s a joke I presume.


So what does being a Boardmember mean exactly? Does that just mean you’re some kind of Sheriff’s Deputy or something and allows you to zap threads? Or does it give you some kind of say in the direction of the site?

Well, it’s Chad’s site so ultimately he’s the voice that matters. But in the event he’s considering a change or reorganization of the site, content or structure, etc he’ll email Bchad and I and we’ll kick around ideas. I can also zap threads. Although, unless the threads contain pornographic material or clearly vulgar content with no value whatsoever (which is very rare, but has happened), I’m not likely to do much. It would be hypocritical if I censored opinions or strong speach since I frequently speak out in that manner as well.

Drop me a reminder in this thread, but I’ll see if I can remember to email him about this tomorrow.

Over the past week there has been an outbreak in spammers registering and sending contact forms to AF members. We’ve implemented a spam service called Mollom to reduce the fake registrations and have disabled the contact forms until a better solution can be implemented.

Bastards, I knew it!

Thanks Chad, appreciate all your efforts. Let us know if/when it’s up and running again.