content of CFA package

hy you all

i was wondering which books do you get when you enroll for the exam? the qbanks,mock exams and the rest of the stuff you have to buy elsewhere?

you get the cfa insitute texts, study guides you guy elsewhere

Yup, register for the exam and you either get digital versions of the CFAI books (which I don’t recommend), or spend another 30 bucks and get the hardcopy’s. Anythning Schweser or otherwise costs extra.

You also get some pamphlets about why they think the CFA program is so great. CFAI also apparently gives your mailing address to test preparation providors, as you will start getting spam advertisement from them.

and the qbanks,mock exams and the rest of the practice materials you buy from schweser or something? one more question,can you buy just qbank or you have to buy the whole package (ex schweser)?

you can buy the qbank only

content of cfa package = tears