contingent immunization: annual vs semi annual

quick thing: if they don´t say anything… do we have to make the calculations (future value using required rate, present value using immunization rate, etc) assuming semi annual compounding? you know, using rates = rate p.a. / 2 and n = num years x 2 thx

The examples I have studied use semi-annual

they will say something, but in the unlikely case they don’t specify annual or semi, i would err to the side of semi annual.

What reading does this apply to as far as annual v.s semi-annual? Going through my review process and I’ve completed Sessions 2-8, and will be reviewing sessions 9-20 over the next 2 weeks and leaving Ethics/GIPS for 2-3 days just before the exam.

F#CK there are 2 study Sessions I dont have 19 & 20…just kidding PJ…