continued softness in the female business

I just fell in love with this phrase and wanted to share with you.


"[ANF] CEO and Chairman Mike Jeffries commented on the second quarter performance. “The second quarter was more difficult than expected due to weaker traffic and continued softness in the female business, consistent with what others have reported. In that context we are planning sales, inventory and expenses conservatively for the remainder of the year.”"

Obviously he’s been fapping too much.

Traffic and female business in the same sentence sounds incredibly sinister.

I understand that Eli Lilly and Company is shipping a free trial of Cialis to Mr. Jeffries.

people still shop at abercrombie ???

“Continued softness in the female business?” Sounds like a recipe for these guys underperforming their peers, with no hard catalysts in sight. I can see that Abercrombie hasn’t been aiming to please.

Last time I was in the mall, about two years ago, there were random shirtless boy models standing outside of Abercrombie. That place is weird.