Continuing Education Attestation 2008

I am trying to pay my CFAI dues and it takes me to this page with the heading above. It asks me to attest that I have spent 20 hours studying ethics. ANyone knows what this is about? This is the first I heard of this.

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cant help you, I’m not a member yet

who would have known that even after getting my charter they would require me to know ethics!

Can’t you just say “Yes, I have”?

ozzie123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can’t you just say “Yes, I have”? CFA institute advocate highest ethical standard. They through ethics on every levels of exam with significant amount and they even want you to study every year after obtain the charter, and the day you obtain the charter, you want a violate it? Good God please. And it is only 20 hours.

If you research a bit, you will find that it is an optional program. This year is the first time they are allowing you to attest to it electronically as part of your renewal or application process. If you check No, it won’t hold up your membership.

I said no. They just want your money.

Do you have anything in the “CE Diary” under the CE Program? I finished level 3 last year, and it looks like that counts as filling all the CE recommendations for 2008 and 2009.

I swear, if they try to force this crap in the future, I’m not going to use the letters. Eff that, wasting another 20 hours on this garbage. Incidentally, what happens if you decide to stop paying the annual “rip-off” (membership) fee and continue to use the CFA letters anyway? Do they threaten to take away your ability to use the letters (lol?). I haven’t even accrued four years of experience yet, so it’s not particularly relevant to me, but I am curious.


Force this crap in the future? - I think they are. I heard a CFAI Podcast that right now CE is recommended, it will likely turn into a requirement like the CPA. Use the letters w/o paying - Unethical, not sure what the CFAI could really do outside of launch their PCP inquiry and place your name on their site as a violator. Potential new employers may care about a violation like this. I’m with you on paying the membership! Not like we need to pay the universities we attended every year after graduating. FYI

Thanks for the reply. Is it really unethical though? I think you’re drinking the kool-aid. To me, it’s unethical to be forced to pay for something that I already paid for (initiation fee and exam fees).

For benefit of newer CFAs, CFAI did try to make CE a requirement several years ago (late 90’s or early '00s, don’t remember). Leadership pushed it really hard, wrote all these puff pieces, published bogus member polls that implied membership loved the idea. Fortunately they were required to put it to a membership vote and the members overwhelmingly turned it down.

I’m just sick of getting the letter in the mail every year saying that I owe $425 in membership dues between CFAI and NYSSA. Unfortunately my company doesn’t pay it and I ain’t a rich guy.

Yep, my company doesn’t pay for it either, although most people do have it. Nobody uses the letters, presumably because they don’t want to pay for it.