Contract Work v. Full Time Job

2 options 1. Full time job, very stable, not challenging, flexible schedule, no upward mobility, pays x 2. 6 month contract possibly longer (or shorter), most likely won’t turn into full time job, out of state so it will require travel away from wife & kid(s) M - F, pays 2.747x (in 6 months you’ll about what you’d earn after 16 months at job 1) You can get on the wife’s benefits so that’s a wash. What say you?

Definitely keep #1 and look for a better full-time option near your wife and kids

I’m surprised to hear you say that, numi. Are you around this week or next? Want to grab lunch?

Consulting opportunities are a bit dicey just because unless you have one lined up after another and you have a demonstrated track record, there is a finite deadline and it can be stressful trying to line up future opportunities The only reason why I have scaled my career management services (for mock interviews, resume/cover letter prep, and MBA application review) is because there has reliably good demand for my services, and because I really view it as supplemental income at this point (i.e. I keep my rates low because I like to help people, but it also means I have to turn down clients sometimes because I don’t have capacity). Ordinarily, I wouldn’t recommend someone quit to become a consultant unless they have years of industry experience and a great track record/database of clients. I can’t really do lunch these days, but could grab an early dinner/drinks after work next Wednesday…just send me an e-mail if you are free then