Contrarian Portfolios/Investing

Any suggestions on books or webpages to find out more about contrarian investing? Are any of you contrarian guys? Thanks,

Are you kidding? Everybody is a contrarian!

I’m not. Good reviews.

You need to be a contrarian to generate alpha!!!

@virginCFAhooker if everyone is contrarian, then you are no longer contrarian :wink:

That’s deep.

Brian: “You are all individuals.” Large crowd: “We are all individuals!” Bystander: “I’m not.”

Fellow bystander: I’m not, also. Other fellow bystander: Me, too, I’m not.

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You need to be a contrarian to generate alpha!!! umm…no, you do not. momentum investors generate it too. ever heard of ‘trend-trading’?

David Dreman has a book/line of mutual funds that are all deep value/contrarian. I should point out he is getting absolutely crushed YTD with heavy financial exposure.

long financials would be contrarian now

Most people, most of the time, aren’t contrarian. The vast majority chase whatever everyone else thinks is “hot”.