Control Response from Big KRIT

In order to help broaden the base by more than CvM posting here, figured I’d post this rap by one of my favorite rappers. It’s clearly a response to the Kendrick Lamar “Control” nonsense that occured a while back now. If you didn’t know about that, then this post is probably not for you:

This is his best song. “I Michael Jordan Dennis Rodmans.”


Yea, that’s one of my favorites. I like a few of his songs a lot

what does this mean “I Michael Jordan Dennis Rodmans”?

"He dominates even the best rappers who dare to step to him, much like Michael Jordan who was a king among kings.

Michael Jordan was seen as like a God to the people of Chicago because of the several championships he won. K.R.I.T. feels the same love from his hometown people of Meridian,Mississippi."

I thought that sounded like a rap genius response. What doesn’t it mean? Jordan had more fame, wealth, ability than even other living legends like Dennis Rodman.

but dennis rodman was ok he wasnt great, jordan dominated avg player - eh

i like “i michael jordan scottie pippens”

I don’t think the line is that great at all. However, I do understand what it means:

“I Michael Jordan…” - I dominate as the greatest of all time

“…Dennis Rodmans” - fake ass jokers with ok game (not to my level) that seek fame at the expense of authenticity. Dennis Rodman’s off court career during and post -NBA has been a TMZ worthy joke.

Everybody is a rapper!