Convertible Arbitrage (Level II)

Hi all, I’m new on this forum and this is my first message… Is anybody willing to sell the Schweser or Uppermark study notes of the Convertible Arbitrage part? Alternatively, can anybody advise where I can find/download a free copy of it? I know that CFA Schewser study notes are freely downloadable from the web, may be the CAIA’s ones are available too… I’ve been studying from the original curriculum suggested by CAIA and I find it extremely technical and very difficult to understand, at least compared to the others books of the II level. I don’t wanna dpend 400-500$ to buy the entire set of Study Notes (from Schweser/Uppermark) becuase I have bought all the original books already…I just need the one related to Convertible Arbitrage… Tks! Stefano

try www (dot) eliteb00k (dot) net where b00k is book.

Tks for the link Adalfu. However they charge you $60-$80 for the entire set of the Schweser study notes…any other link where I can dowload them for free?