Convinced of Failure

I felt okay coming out of the exam, but now I’ve convinced myself I’ve failed. Confidence = shot. Anyone else feel this way?

I was confident I failed right when the proctor announced to stop writing at 5pm.

Will be better prepared for next year.


Yeah I’m the same way, but I’ve done multiple breakdowns though and the only way i can truly envision myself failing is if the MPS happens to be right at 70 or higher for some reason. It’s just the agony of the wait :frowning: IMO. It will be all over in a little less than a month. I’m just enjoying myself until then, because regardless of if it’s back at II or on to III, we’ll all be in for another year of hell studying again!

I’ll be studying for something either way. It’s what I do.

Felt like shit during the exam, felt like shit after the exam, feel like shit now, will probably feel like shit on the 24th of June :slight_smile:

A stationary process :P…standard OLS estimates and hypothesis tests remain valid

The MPS is never higher than 70. I’ve read on one of the CFA societies websites that nobody that has ever scored above 70 on level 1 or 2 has ever failed.

Welcome to Level 2!

I’m 80% sure I failed. Hopefully I get a job in investment banking and can forget about the CFA!

I am around 30% sure i failled.

wohoo Penny-Wenny…

I cringe when I think of the ethics questions. This wait is seriously brutal…!

2 weeks…

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I felt Ok when I left the exam hall but am currently indifferent whether I will pass/fail

haha…im with you there. Lesson learned - I will be better prepared for that beast of an exam. I hope next year will be my last year to relive another nightmare of Level 2.

Sinking feeling here, i don’t want to go thru one more year trying to kill that beast. Thinking everyday of what i could have done better.

The wait is killing me.