Cool app to track your (or someone else's) whereabouts

Check out, you can download this thing onto your blackberry and then have your friends download it too, then you can track everyone’s location in real time. It also provides directions from your location to another address and guides you along the way, sort of like a GPS system. For the really sneaky types, you can download it onto your boss/bf/gf/mistress’s blackberry as well and then track their location at all times. So like if you see your boss at your office on a Sunday night you might be able to figure out that he’s preparing a list of people to make involuntarily redundant.

It’s a good thing my boss is not internet and technology savvy, else he would make me do this for sure.

Good way to track spouses/friends you suspect of cheating on you.

OMG!! I resisted 3 years of getting a cell phone, now if my wife find out about this, she will install it on my phone.

Scary. I guess the “working late” excuse is going to go the way of the dinosaur. I’m sleeping with my bb under my pillow from now on.

just leave the phone in the office.

Yeah that is just way too much.