Does anyone have a good report on copper, including sites of mines / smelters and their production capacity+current output%?

I have found the below, but the data does not seem very reliable.

There must be very detailed reports over the years outlining production sites, but I have had no luck.

With the popularity of Moscow Mules continually rising, and copper cups being the only way to properly consume one, logically the price of copper must go up.

Hope that helps.

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mineweb has a comprehensive listing of mines but the subscription is pricey.

For something free, try the link below. It’s a great start.

On a serious note, if you read the quarterly statements of publicly traded mining companies, they outline the production and useful life of each of their mines.

Galli, great resource. Much appreciated-- Here’s a gigantic report with a lot of interesting data I found while searching on the site. Now for the fun part, sifting through it and finding the useful stats:

STL, good idea…I suppose the investor calls would outline new mines / closing mines / etc as well for the most up to date info

You’re welcome.

Check investor relation sections of each miner you’re looking at, a lot of them like to highlight their flagship mines in their corporate presentations. For everything else, you’ll have to dig into their financials.

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