Storko is mad bullish copper right now. I think its time I end my financial celibacy and continue my romance with lady-stock. I miss her love, it feels like I can only remember the good times now. Every little thing reminds me of her… from sun showers to walks on the beach.

May I ask why you are bullish? $2.00 is enough to bring some of the supply back on that was curtailed in recent months. Chinese have been re-stocking but what happens when that demand falls off?

hmmmm, i may have been a little exaggerated in crazy bullish thinking of copper. But I feel China does give copper a floor price. Do they make their inventory public, can you use the Shanghai Futures Exchange Copper Inventory as a proxy?

In 7th grade when we started learning the periodic table I had a teacher that came up for quirky ways to remember the elements. Copper = CU How to remember: Black and gangster movie: Bandit speeds off and shouts out the window to the police officer trailing on foot “C U later copper!”

aaah Dr. Copper, is there anything you cant do?