Copy & paste with IE11 in AF

I used to be able to copy and paste into the comment box here, but cannot lately. I don’t know if it’s due to my browser or not. I’m using Internet Explorer 11 from work.

Any suggestions?

You need to enable compatability mode for AF. It will make things look screwy, but at least you’ll be able to copy and paste.

This belongs in the feedback forum.


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It works. Thank you Higgmond.

Indeed, things are screwy, especially when editing or previewing a comment. I have to expand the comment box which, otherwise, is impossibly narrow and aligned to the right side of the screen.

I mean, really.

pics or it didn’t happen

I’m disappointed in you Sweep. Not only did Greenie beat you to the feedback forum suggestion, you didn’t suggest that Jbt switch to Chrome.

Yeah, I’m already in vacation mode and most of my time is being spent researching sloths.

^ Slowly I hope.

sloth hard partying restraint