Core Satellite- Mock PM 2015 #29

I though the core in core satellite was supposed to be a majority of the index AND passive/semi-active. Not just passive/semi-active, but not a majority. Doesn’t make sense that 20% of the portfolio is the core passive strategy and 80% is the alpha satellite.

Add this to the list of many crappy questions in this mock.

In real life…yes. In CFAI land…no.

It’s a usual story. previously it was widely deemed that sun is revolving around the earth.

good to know I am not the only one who found number of questions/answers wierd in the mock. The one I can easily recall was about return on international real estate, The answer explained that international real estate does not expose you to FX risk.

i got it wrong for the same reason. this was a crap question and there will be some this year too.

Same here cheeky

+1, I missed it too, crappy question.

Haha. Came here to search about that piece of shit International Real Estate answer, landed on this thread which pertains to another POS answer which I wondering about.

I hope the CFAI gets their shit together for the real exam on saturday, because this is unacceptable.