Core Satellite Weight?

Does Core satellite need a specific amount of weight in the indexer/0% active return manager?

If we are given a table and say 10% of the portfolio is in 0% active return manager - is this still a core satellte?

this has been discussed before but the curriculum does not mention any thresholds or minimum weights.

so maybe even a 1 dollar investment in index and 999 dollar in active manager is a core-satellite

the best I can find is this sentence here but this seems like a statement of fact rather statement of a rule:

“The portfolio of managers represents a core-satellite portfolio. An indexed investment (Manager A) represents more than half the portfolio’s value and functions as the core. Actively managed portfolios (Managers B, C, and D) represent the satellite portfolios surrounding the core.”

(Institute 310)

Institute, CFA. 2018 CFA Program Level III Volume 4 Fixed Income and Equity Portfolio Management. CFA Institute, 07/2017. VitalBook file.

Yes, it has been discussed here. In practice, we need at least a minimum weight for the core (50%). But in topic tests and mock tests, I have seen this problem twice and there is no minimum weight for the core.

So for the exam, no minimum weight for the core, IMO.