Corn prices

Does anyone know where I could find some data for historical corn prices for the last few years on a month by month basis?

CBOT has futures prices but you have to pay. Do you want spot prices?

Either will do.

Try this one.

Thanks Joey but found what I was looking for. At the same time however if anyone knows of a monthly index for fertilizer prices that would be very helpful. Thanks.

Look at sugar cane prices as well This might work for you, its not great. If you’re after the data, be sure to “check” the show chart data box. Edit: Guess I’m a little late to the party. Here’s something on fertilizer for you though.

That’s great. Thanks for all your help guys.

A little late? We’ve already been long, short and long again in fertilizer names.

Fertilizer is yesterday… the next thing is farming technology. Farmers are going to be investing their cash in things like GPS units for their tractors so they can use less fuel and plant/harvest more efficiently.

I disagree. The farmers (corn/beans) I’ve spoken too view the GPS technology as too expensive at its current price level. High entry costs plus high monthly subscriptions to the radio service doesn’t justify the mild increase in yield. As input prices increase over the next couple years and farmer’s margins get squeezed, I doubt there will be much room for technology investments.

From Ag Farm Intelligence Report: “97.4% of over 500 dealers surveyed said they expect higher GPS and Auto Steer sales in 2008. It is the number one category of buying interest of 20 categories of farm equipment.”

Got a link for that? I would like to read it. Thanks. I can understand the interest but just because dealers expect higher sales doesn’t mean that they will occur nor does it mean that farmers can afford it. This year will be a bit of a windfall for most producers however input prices (fuel, seed, ferts) are increasing drastically as are equipment prices and cash rents. Next year might be a bit leaner.

Monthly subscriptions for GPS? I thought those were called taxes. VCFAH, I’d be interested to hear more thoughts on this subject. Got any names?

It’s not for GPS. From my understanding, GPS only gives you a certain level of accuracy. If you want the level of accuracy to actually plant and spray with individual planter/spray nozzle control then you need to join an Real-Time Kinematic system which costs about $1,500 a year for a subscription. I believe accuracy is around an inch.

There are various systems & combinations for various amount of accuracy. Some have transmitters on the ground, too, that the farmer buys and places in his field. The return on investment varies & depends on the level of accuracy the farmer needs. The stock I own is Hemisphere Wireless, toronto stock exchange: HEM.TO Sorry, I can’t post links to ag farm intelligence report. I can email you some financial type research if you want.

How much of that is going to be captured by Deere et al?

Agreed however the price needs to come down a bit before it is adopted widely. From most the analysis I have seen the return doesn’t come until 5 to 6 years depending on the crop. However I think this time period should shorten as inputs rise and the autosteer prices fall. My only real concern is that if margins do get squeezed in the next couple years, farmers won’t be spending as much on new technology. From my experience, farmers come in two forms: early adopters and very very late adopters. Would love the research: dief at mchsi dot com

HoldSideAnalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How much of that is going to be captured by Deere > et al? I think a good portion of it. I had a chance to ride with a guy using Deere’s AutoTrac system. It’s pretty slick compared to some of the aftermarket stuff. I have seen both AutoFarm and Trimble in use and Deere’s product integrates a bit better with the controls of the tractor and the is a bit more intuitive.

IMO many farmers felt the sting of higher costs last spring, and pretty much everyone already knows about the higher costs going into the next spring planting season. It will be interesting to watch how many farmers plant soybeans instead of corn since 'beans require fewer inputs and burn much less fuel to plant / harvest. I’m a little more optimistic about farmer income, unless the Govt introduces any drastic Ag Legislation…